Eduardo Gonzalez

I am the founder of Xpress.ai, assistant professor and a published author. Originally a software engineer, I’ve had the chance to work with a whole bunch of technologies during my career; from large single page applications to micro-controllers with no OS and only 4KB of RAM.  I used to call myself a full-stack programmer because of that but since that title has turned into just a “web-developer” I just consider refer to myself as just a programmer when I’m not managing people.

I’ve always had an interest in Machine Learning and in the last few years spent most of my time putting deep learning models into production at Skymind and Konduit.  It’s been incredibly challenging and rewarding to work at this intersection of production scale and state of the art algorithms and hardware.

My preferred stack these days is Scala, TypeScript and Postgres, but I have used many other technologies in anger over the years. I have also written a few iOS and Android applications and published a couple in the AppStore/Play Store.

I graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with degrees in Japanese and Computer Science. Apart from those subjects I also enjoy all kinds of music and have an interest in flying.

Contact Info:

You can reach me at:

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My Resume

You can view my outdated and rather bland resume online at Stack Overflow