Back from Doug’s house

I spent the weekend at Doug’s house working on our PalmOS project (A 2-player game that uses IrDA). Although we both got pretty far along, we still don’t have anything that’s playable yet. Doug started by writing on top of the example serial_chat.c program that the professor gave the class. I really hate writing in-side […]


So I’ve been accepted into Konan Daigaku’s Year in Japan program, and I’m super happy. It’s been 5 years since I started learning Japanese (99% of what I’ve learned has been in the last two years.) Now I have a million papers to fill out and mail ASAP, the work never ends. In my Ritsumeikan […]


Lately all of my dreams have been in Japanese. I barely do any talking, and I’m always struggleing to understand everyone around me. Lately I’ve been watching Japanese doramas and trying to see how much I can understand. I can follow the story pretty well dispite the fact that I’m starting the series in the […]

WPLUG Planet

WPLUG Planet Got the WPLUG Planet beta test running. Hopefully it’s configured correctly and I’ll see this up there in three hours.

New Todo List

My current Todo list is: – Turn in Eavesdropping JSL28 – Turn in R/W #3 – Turn in R/W #2 – Do CS449 Project 3 I’m sure I’ll be able to catch up with Japanese by the end of spring break. I hope to finish Project 3 tomorrow. for bonus points