I think Mark really hit the nail on the head with this sentence he used on a recent blog post on Inkscape changing to Launchpad for bug tracking. “We don’t have money on our side, but we do have the power of collaboration.” – Mark Shuttleworth I’ll definitely be using it in presentations and talks […]


I learned about this program from Sacha Chua’s blog. Workrave is a cool time-to-take-a-break-reminder program that doesn’t just lock your screen (like the default typing break program in Ubuntu). It has micro-breaks which are great to remind me to get back to working on whatever I was supposed to be doing. I wonder how my […]

Wobbly windows in Dapper

There were a lot of upgrades today in Dapper. And it turns out compiz is one of them. So I installed it and xserver-xgl. Here’s how I got it running. First install the xserver-xgl and compiz packages using apt-get or synaptic (Originally taken from the instructions at http://doc.gwos.org/index.php/Installxgl) Then edit /etc/gdm/gdm.conf-custom and make the empty […]