New Laptop

I got my new laptop today, It took a while to do a network install but I’m happy to say that Ubuntu worked very well out of the box. The only problem is the sound, and suspend. I hate having to mess with ALSA, and kernel patches. I’ll have to try Breezy before I go to japan to see if it fixes anything. I’m going to check out the Breezy bugzilla tomorrow and see what I can do.

Hardware-wize the computer is just barely on the slow side, especially when the battery is low. The keyboard has the compose key on the left of the spacebar, and shift + ` isn’t ~. I’m not sure what to do about that last one… ~ is a really important key, and I don’t know why it’s missing….

I love how small it is, and how bright and sharp the screen is. I’ll post a couple of pictures up on my gallery later I guess.

In other news I made some progress with my HTML and lyrics plugins for Quod Libet. Try them out and tell me what you think.


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