Andy: Pretty much hates everything about Japan while saying how much he loves it.
Kenan: (Maybe) pissed off at me for some reason.
Haruna: Not interested in me after all?

The Kenan business has me really worried and I’m having trouble concentrating on my homework. What happened is that in the joint seminar he was asking people how the Japanese have relationships when you are expected to be home early, and taking your girl friend or boy friend home is taboo. I kind of assumed that he was talking about sex and said love motels. It didn’t occur to me at the time that he might not have meant sex. I really didn’t see the problem. I’m gussing since he’s a more touchy feely person he wants more privacy than a movie theatre or walking in a park at night. But there has to be something else that is bothering him or else he wouldn’t have just stormed out of the room like that. I want to talk to him tomorrow about the whole thing, and apologize for ruining his conversation.


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