Component Object Model

So after getting the new laptop, and installing the Microsoft Retail Management System software I learn that the plugin system is based on legacy code, and not .NET code like I was told. I became very annoyed that my uncle didn’t know about this earlier because if I had known I was going to be using COM I would have refused. C++ is a very ugly languge and making COM components is a messy process. Luckily for me, PyWin32 exists and makes it very easy to write COM components in Python. And since Python is the least painful languagae for me to code in at the moment, I think I’ll survive.

In Linux, Bonobo (GNOME’s Component Object Model), seems to be pretty much dead, but I know that lots of GNOME programs still use it, especially gnome-panel for it’s panel applets.  So it’s strange how dead Bonobo’s development seems.

I need no conclusion!