Saturday Night

Last night was looking light it was going to be another boring Saturday night. Extreme boredom calls for extreme measures so I e-mailed the Kobe ESS mailing list asking if anyone was doing something. Turns out my friend Jose from Argentina was going clubbing that night so I was saved. I read the e-mail at 10 and luckily for me Jose and the gang were still in Kobe looking for an ATM so I reached Osaka just in time to meet them.

The club we went to is called Underlounge. It’s a techno club, which was interesting I hadn’t heard techno in forever. I can’t say I liked it but I’ve long since learned how to have a good time in a club even when you hate the music.

Happenings of interest were a really cute girl with glasses (and a fiancee) who bought me a couple of rounds of tequila shots, and while I was feeling the effects of those shots I showed one of the waitresses (of a bar we went to after the club closed) how Puerto Rican’s dance reggaeton. 😀