It’s amazing how far a little LaTeX can take you. Even if you’re just writing an MLA style paper.

Here’s some packages to get you started:

After installing those packages you can learn how to make an MLA style paper by reading the readme file at:


If you are making a regular CS paper/report/dissertation then the example LaTeX file is the best example to go on. Try a Google search for “LaTeX Example” for some good ones.

I use Emacs as my editor which is pretty tough for most people but I think that it’s worth it if you learn how to use org-mode. Then you can C-x 3 (Vertical Split Screen) in Emacs and open a file right next to the text. Then you can have an outline right at your finger tips, that you can modify/show/hide in various ways.

I also recommend adding the following line to the top of your .tex file:

% -*- mode:latex; mode: flyspell; mode: auto-fill -*-

It’ll turn on flyspell and auto-fill mode for you.

My LaTeX documents are organized into a directory structure like this

~/<class name>/<essay title>/

I keep a skeleton folder with those three files in it. And to make a new essay I just copy and paste it with a new name.


2 responses to “LaTex”

  1. Andrew Sackville-West Avatar
    Andrew Sackville-West

    perfect, just what I needed for lit this quarter… a way to write my papers in MLA and latex in emacs 😉


  2. hello,

    do you know how to append latex preview (real time) in the split console.

    I did using Auctex – but in between text and Whizzytex on split ADVI output.

    But I saw somebody doing it in split emacs screen.

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