An Idea

Lately I’ve been dreaming up of a window manager that could help me stay focused on a single thing by keeping me from multi-tasking. In the spirit of programs like writeroom and pyroom.

  • It would always display windows in full screen mode.
  • To do any action it would require you to type in a random string of characters.

The reason for having to type in the specified random string of characters is to give some weight to moving to another window. It might remove my desire to “just check if there’s any e-mail”, which usually turn into big distractions wasting time I don’t have. Yet it still makes switching to a Firefox window with some research possible.


One response to “An Idea”

  1. Andrew Sackville-West Avatar
    Andrew Sackville-West

    xmonad. write a little script to rewrite the key bindings and then recompile the window manager at random intervals. Then at a minimum, you’d have to look at the source file to see the current keybinding to bring up the menu program. You would hope it doesn’t change under you…

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