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  • Using your ISP’s built-in VPN in Japan

    It’s a little known fact that the routers in Japanese ISPs are incredibly full featured when compared to the gateways you get abroad. One feature that is standard in most of them is VPN. In this post I’ll show you how I set-up my home network that allows me to access my GPU desktop from […]

  • How Cappuccino handles pass-by-reference APIs in Cocoa.

    I’ve been using Cappuccino at work recently and I came across a corner of Objective-J that I previously didn’t know about: how to use enumerateObjectsUsingBlock. One of the nice things about Objective-C is that it has blocks. ¬†Blocks allow you to make functions that take other functions as arguments, all while preserving scope. One of […]

  • Apple’s JIS Keyboard layout and the ADM3A

    A few weeks ago a blog post on showed pictures of the old terminal that Bill Joy used when he created VI. ¬†Terminals back then didn’t have arrow keys so if you wanted to move the cursor around you held down some kind of modifier and hit the H, J, K or L keys. […]