Updated planet

I updated the planet scripts. I hope this fixes the problems I have with old posts being marked as new. Update: Looks like it didn’t help at all.

New Laptop

I got my new laptop today, It took a while to do a network install but I’m happy to say that Ubuntu worked very well out of the box. The only problem is the sound, and suspend. I hate having to mess with ALSA, and kernel patches. I’ll have to try Breezy before I go […]


Lately I’ve felt pretty unmotivated to do any programming. A couple of weeks ago I felt like I could code everything, and now I barely have the motivation to finish my Quod Libet plugins. I’ve also been thinking of what type of programming interests me the most. I’m not really sure, I guess web programming […]

Purple hair

Bleaching my hair was a painful experience, but it was worth it. I like the subtleness of the purple. I might not even have to wear a hat at work. A couple of pictures can be found on my Gallery