Eclipse CTRL-3

I’m using Eclipse a lot in my new job and it took me a month to discover CTRL-3 (Quick Access).  It’s the closest thing it has to Emacs’s M-x.  So I’ve binded Quick Access to Alt-x.  Eclipse is much easier to use now.

Visiting files using SSH in EmacsW32

After much searching I discovered that the way to use ssh-based remote file visiting in emacs with TRAMP is by using the plink: method instead of ssh: while having your putty install directory in your PATH environment variable.

So I’m writing that here in hopes that it might be easier for other people to find it.


I wonder if TV shows/movies influence our daily routines. Could that be the reason we brush our teeth so quickly compared to Asians? Or should I change that “we” into a me…


I thoroughly enjoy watching the Cherry blossoms bloom in the Spring. The first time I saw it in Japan I was awed by how beautiful they are. I thought to myself that I could watch Sakura trees forever and never get tired of watching them. It then dawned on me that since they only show up for a week, it means that a person only gets around 60 chances to see them in full bloom. It saddened me to think that since I’ve lived 20 years before going to Japan, I’d only have about 40 more chances left. I bet many Japanese come to realize just how short life is at a much younger age than 20. It’s a good reminder to make sure that I’m on the right track to were I want to go with my life.

I’m glad there are Cherry Blossom trees in Pittsburgh.

Integrating Qt3 programs in Ubuntu

If you’re like me and have discovered a couple of kick-ass Qt applications and are wondering how to make Qt programs look more like the default Ubuntu Human theme, I present you with a quick cheat sheet.

There’s luckily one KDE style available in the Ubuntu repositories that only depends on Qt, polymer. But the colors it uses are different from the Ubuntu colors, so here’s how to get them pretty close.

First you’ll need to install a couple of packages. You can either click on these links or search for them using synaptic.

Once you have them installed you can find qtconfig in System>Preferences>Qt3 Configuration.

First change the style to Polymer. Then click the Tune Palette. Here’s the colors that I used:

  • Background: Red: 239 Green: 235 Blue: 231
  • Button: Red: 245 Green: 242 Blue 239
  • Highlight: Red: 219 Green: 154 Blue: 86

You can change the color by clicking on the change color button when and inputing these numbers in the window that pops up.

Once you’ve changed those three, close the Tune Palette window and go to File>Save.

Now your installed Qt apps will blend in a lot better with your other GTK applications.

Here’s what it’ll look like:

Virtual Box OSE screenshot


I learned about this program from Sacha Chua’s blog. Workrave is a cool time-to-take-a-break-reminder program that doesn’t just lock your screen (like the default typing break program in Ubuntu). It has micro-breaks which are great to remind me to get back to working on whatever I was supposed to be doing.

I wonder how my life would change if I made a program for my Treo that would make it vibrate every couple of minutes to remind me to keep my attention where it should be.

Ubuntu users can use the following link to get APT to install it for you: Install Workrave