Third Post!

Well, I’ve made little progress in pyfolder this week. But a lot of progress on my non-cs classes. I managed to get a B in my Japanese oral mid-term, I’m really happy about what Takabatake said: “Although Inaccurate, you could communicate very well.” I also got a 3.5 on fluency and a 4 on “culture (non-verbal elements)” So really all I have to do is fill the gaping holes in my vocabulary. I finally oficially dropped Japanese Literature class, and took my Japanese Society and Japanese History mid-term I think I did well in both. I tried to finish all my Kanji homework today, but I only finished the first one by 12am… I probably wont get a second one done this weekend. Trying to get multimedia key support into Quod Libet will take up a lot of Friday and Saturday. Hopefully ADD medication will help me get work done.

I’m hanging out on #mono lately, it’s really cool seeing Nat and Miguel actually chatting. I don’t know why but I kind of look up to Miguel. But in a different way than I look up to Joe. I didn’t really look up to Miguel until I saw a video of him doing a presentation on Mono in Mexico, and it was in that presentation that I learned what iFolder actually does. And now I’m working on pyfolder 🙂

I’m trying to sync this blog with my live journal, and I’m going to start posting things I posted on my old blogs this weekend.

I met a cool guy known as Darkmyst today. He’s working on a program that allows two or more people to edit a text file simultaniously. His method of using Jabber chat rooms to syncronize the file among the users gave me a few new ideas on how to implement multiple user pyfolder.

I started lurking in a Japanese chatroom a couple of days ago to see if I can improve my Kanji. I love how many faces the Japanese can make with ISO-2022-JP. There are some really funny ones I saw yesterday. Maybe I’ll find a way to post them on here correctly. But that’s where the fun ends, I can’t understand a single thing they say in there without a dictionary. I’m so far away from reading and writing Japanese… It really sucks. I hate Kanji.

Speaking of Kanji, the author of Tomboy, Alex Graveley said that Japanese is pretty. I was showing him a little problem with GTKSpell and using Japanese. After he said this, I really started to notice how pretty Japanese really is. Especially hiragana, but the kanji does help a little.

I’m seriously enjoying the open-source world right now. It’s such a great time to be a programmer right now. People are making great new programs using mono, and python too. I wish Linux can stay this way forever. (As in no SCO cases, patent lawsuits, and other clashes with the proprietary world.)

I really hate people who can’t understand free software, they are missing out. Seriously.


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