So much work

Currently my Todo list is:
– Finish Ritsumeikan Application
– Finish CS449 Project 2
– Do Eavesdropping JSL28
– Do R/W #3
– Do R/W #2
– Turn in R/W #1
– Do Logic proofs 110-210

This is huge. Project 2 is due in less than 24 hours. And the Ritsumeikan essay is due Tuesday. The rest is late work….I do this every year. Why do I suck so bad at doing homework. There are so many things I’d rathe be doing, (like getting linux on my ipod.) Maybe if I pull the plug on my computer I might be able to get some work done. All nighters are becoming less and less productive lately. (already on my third one this week…)

I’ve been talking to Praia online recently. I wish I could go to PR for spring break. but knowing me, I’ll have like 3 or 4 RW assignments to do…

… Time needs to stop for a second and let me catch up…

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