Website overhaul

Since my website was attacked I’ve been working on security and making a real site instead of just a wiki. I looked into JSP and mod_python to see what crazyness I could come up with. JSP didn’t work very well since Debian stable only has Java2 1.1. Stable’s mod_python is pretty old so I can’t try PSP but I decided to try making my own simple version of it. Since most of the data will be static anyway, I don’t really need something as complicated as JSP/ASP/PHP/PSP. Although I do think I’ll try PHP eventually. Even though I should be working on my assembly project, I really want to finish getting the static pages part working tonight (and just treating as comments). Hopefully it wont take me more than an hour, that way I can put a good hour or two into the assembly project before I go to sleep. The first page will just contain links to the blog and the planet. I really need to learn CSS and HTML, so my site can look cool.


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