New Pictures

I uploaded the pictures that were on my Treo to the gallery. They are all small and pretty funny but it’s better than nothing.

I’ve wanted to take so many pictures especially of funny engrish things but I feel bad. I’ll take some time to post the pictures on my cell phone next week.

My Gallery

On the school side of things, the Japanese class is about as intensive as the summer intensive class I took two summers ago. I really wasn’t expecting that. The quizes they give are really hard because they give you the English definition and ask you to give the Japanese word. So even though I’ve already done all the grammar that’s going to be taught in this class, I’m pretty behind on the vocabulary and Kanji. I was thinking about asking to be put in the highest class (E) but I feel comfortable in class D. The quizes are a little harder than I’m used too but it’s good practice for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test I’ll be taking.

Other than Japanese, I’m going to take the Japanese Art History and Japanese Businesss classes because they are more interesting than the Japanese Linguistics and Japanese Society and Law classes. (woo I said Japanese 5 times in one sentence…)

The DVD of Advent Children was sold out practically before it was released. And I was convinced to buy a PSP so I could watch the UMD version. I’m not really satisfied with it though. I think I’ll be selling it in a few months if no really good games come out. Lumines is fun enough for now.

Classes for normal students start tomorrow at Konan, so I hope I’ll be able to make even more friends. Wish me luck on the Kanji quiz tomorrow.


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