I got a job with a a cellular phone service provider to gather and analyze data from all over the island. It’s from 10pm to 7am, some people think that’s a bad thing, but I hate having to wake up early.


I can’t tell if the problems I was having this morning were from an attack or not, either way I now have enough spare time on my hands to do a complete wipe of my server. Getting those pictures back off and pack on the server is going to be a pain in the ass.

Upgraded once more

Now I’m running 1.5.1. I got Adelphia Cable internet today, I’m not impressed, but it works… kind of. The main problem is how slow it is sometimes. Like if it had some strange QoS rule that makes http slower than anything else. There’s also the terrible ping times, my 56k had better ping times! (this […]

Eating too much

Ever since I’ve got here I’ve been hungry the whole time. I need to stop. Tomorrow morning I’m hitting the little gym for at least 30 minutes. Today I visited my old high school, Cupeyville. It was pretty cool seeing the teachers again. After that me and Alberto played Halo for a couple of hours […]


The server was compromised again. great job script-kiddie, you ruined my already sucky day. Since there’s only one important file on my site, I’ve re-uploaded that. And I’ve started making a local copy of all the pictures in my gallery for the full wipe I’m doing ASAP. The bad thing about Debian for incompetents like […]