Blog spam sucks

I just erased a shit-load of blog spam. I didn’t even know it existed until yesterday! The internet is a sad place…

Lain now has Swap! I didn’t even notice it was missing swap. oh well.

Last weekend I went to the farm to visit my grandma and grandpa for Thanks Giving. It was pretty relaxing, I didn’t do any homework (other than my last CS445 assignment) It was the first time I rode a train. I like it, it’s so laid back compared to airplanes and airports. The only problem is that there weren’t any electrical outlets on the trains to and from Pittsburgh. I watched a lot of TV, and it was painful. I was mostly watching G4TechTV and the Discovery Wings channel. I wanted to play every game and fly every plane I saw… I guess that’s why I don’t like TV. Once I got back to Pittsburgh I started working on all the homework I had to do. I finished the CS445 assignment 30 hours late, and the CS441 homework 4 days late… and the Japanese homework, isn’t done yet. I must finish it this week though, school is almost over.

I’m pretty much done with Java for the next year thankfully… My next two classes are in C and MIPS assembly, yay… Then while I’m in Japan I won’t be taking any CS classes. While I’m on the subject of C, I found out that there’s a GCC backend for the CLR. I think this is pretty cool. Not that the CLR is really cool but that GCC is. I had no idea you could do such a thing with GCC. I learned about GCC frontends and GCC backends. Amazing stuff. I also found out that the CLR/CIL is “better” than JVM in many ways. Really the main focus of the JVM is java, and portability. .Net is more focused in instantly being able to use libraries in different languages. Other than those two things they are essentially the same thing. Two virtual machines (and languages) with marketing departments.

In other news, QL is so much better now. Not only does it have the regular features that everyone really needs and expects. It has a few I didn’t really think about. The best part is that I use those features a lot. I’m sure some other players for Windows have a few of them (maybe even all of them). So it’s probably not really that great for other people, but it’s amazing to me. The features are mostly in the stuff you can do with the tags of your music like rename files by tag or retag files by name. It also supports numbering files multiple tags, and extracting other tags from tags. (Not to mention unicode support which is definitely the way it should be.) Those things (and being able to search for songs by using regular expressions, and now even by things like times played) make QL my favorite player.
Check the Quod Libet home page here

I discovered nikki’s blog while reading mako’s blog (which is on It’s super interesting and I love the way she writes it. She has little posts about strange small things sometimes and I like it. I’m going to try to make some posts in that style.


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