I can’t belive how complicated this is…

I’m currently trying to get Quod Libet (My new favorite mp3/ogg player) to have multimedia key support (Play, Stop, Prev, Next buttons on some keyboards) I can’t believe how complicated this is. Actually it’s pretty simple to understand what is going on in Muine’s source code for multimedia key support. But the ammount of stuff I have to read to get this to work in python is rediculous. First of all I have to learn about Glib and object oriented C, then I have to learn about emiting gtk/gdk signals, then I have to learn how to make this play nice in Python… 🙁 it’s making my head hurt. I’m going to make some real good documentation on this subject once I finish this. I promised piman I’d get this all done for 0.3 I really need to finish this, I have other things I have to do (like pyfolder and Kanji).

I’m also discovering that as the things I have to do get more and more complicated the more I need my ADD medication to get it done. It’s really frustrating to have to rely on this stuff to get work done. But I’ve tried to work without it for the last two weeks, it’s just not working out.

… I had written much more than this but X froze and I lost it all… I’ll write about next time if I remember.
(When will nvidia learn that open-source drivers work so much better than non-open ones.) (I blame Nvidia for all my X and linux problems, because I have a nvidia motherboard and 3d accelerator.)


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