So it looks like Google’s writely is shaping up really well. I was testing it out today after being reminded of it’s existence via Digg. It’s pretty cool, and only half done. I can’t wait to see it once it’s finished.

Miss Universe 2006

This post is all in Japanese this time.

今日ミス ユーニバスというビューティ パーゲント行われた。今度のMiss Japan (知花くらら)がめっちゃ美人です。 結果はMiss Puerto Rico(Zuleyka Rivera)が勝って、二番目が知花さんでした。日本の方がもっときれいで、頭よくて(スペイン語、フランス語,英語も話せる)、ドレスも素敵だと思い ます。 何点でPuerto Ricoが勝ったか分からない。(>_<)



A> Bike


A> McDonalds (also sometimes Micky Ds)


A> Laptop, PC


A> Papa


A> Mama


A> ごこん。。。


A> (The) Seven Eleven


A> Family Mart


A> Hmm I’m not sure…


Jules (sp?)


Today I went to the mall for lunch because I can only stand Subway for so long.  The mall in Carolina had a Little Tokyo restaurant in it.  The signs showed a really good looking Chicken Katsu and Sukiyaki combo, but when I went to order all they had was Chicken Teriyaki and other staple Chinese foods. 😦 I was so dissapointed!  I want sukiyaki…

今日の昼にプラザ・カロリナに食べに行きました。 モールだからいろんな料理食べれるためにそこにしました。  「Little Tokyo」という店あってすき焼きとかチキンカツがメニュに書いてあったんやけどすき焼きを注文した時に「そのメニュを気にしないで中国料理しかないんです。」と言われてめっちゃ不満足だった。 すき焼き食べたい気が残っちゃった。

A Japanese update

Well, since I’ve finally found some free time I’ve decided to post some results (of one of those personality tests) that I stumbled upon when I was reading Haruna’s blog. You can take it at Love type check!

Here are my results:

Apollon(アポロン) 英語名:Apollo(アポロ)


あなたは愛想がよく、女性男性問わずに周りから好かれるタイプ しかも失敗を恐れずにいろいろなことにもチャレンジします。




I can’t say I understand it 100% but it seems pretty good to me. I think it’s interesting how it has a Solution section. You don’t see too many of those in American personality tests.

Moving complete

I’ve moved my website onto a new server.  This one is using VMware instead of User-Mode Linux.  The initial advantages are that I have control over my kernel.  Now to see if the LiveJournal plugin is working.


It’s no secret that people compliment your misrable attempts to speak their language all the time. Usually these compliments are straight forward, like “お上手ですね” (“Your Japanese is really good!”), which usually means more like “Hang in there!”. There’s also the surprise comment where you are better at their language than they expected these are usually “へえ、何でこんなにうまいの?” (“Wow, why are you so good [at Japanese]?”). Finally there’s the indirect compliments that really make you feel good. The one I get the most is “何年前に日本へきましたか” (“How many years have you been in Japan?”) because the other person assumed that your proficiency in Japanese could only be achived after living there for years. I love smiling and replying “Oh, I’ve only been here for 5 months.”.

Wobbly windows in Dapper

There were a lot of upgrades today in Dapper. And it turns out compiz is one of them. So I installed it and xserver-xgl. Here’s how I got it running.

First install the xserver-xgl and compiz packages using apt-get or synaptic

(Originally taken from the instructions at

Then edit /etc/gdm/gdm.conf-custom

and make the empty [servers] section look like:


# Override display 0 to use Xgl.

name=Xgl server
command=/usr/bin/Xgl :0 -fullscreen -ac -accel xv -accel glx:pbuffer

then add “compiz –replace gconf decoration minimize move place resize rotate scale switcher wobbly zoom cube” and “gnome-window-decorator” in sessions (under System>Preferences).

Then ctrl+alt+backspace and pray! Only the basic things work for me. I can’t do the cool cube effect for example. But the windows sure do wobble, and the switcher work just fine.