Component Object Model

So after getting the new laptop, and installing the Microsoft Retail Management System software I learn that the plugin system is based on legacy code, and not .NET code like I was told. I became very annoyed that my uncle didn’t know about this earlier because if I had known I was going to be […]


It seems that my uncle is going to start a small software company selling a Value Added version of Microsoft Retail Management System for gasoline stations and convenience stores and I’m one of the programmers. I really hope the preparations for the partnership with Microsoft take a long time so I can get back into […]


hmm, shuudankoudousei 集団行動性 gregarious nature it’s kind of strange when you encounter a hard word whose English definition you don’t know. gregarious? (of a person) fond of company; sociable : he was a popular and gregarious man. 退社時間後 taishajikango after work…. that’s a lot of kanji for after work “gregarious tentacle monster to you loving very […]