Category: Japan

  • Internet!

    I now have a computer account now so I can use the internet at school. Unfortunately I have only 5 minutes for today so I can`t write all the entries I have on my treo. Expect updates on Monday.

  • Unmotivated

    Lately I’ve felt pretty unmotivated to do any programming. A couple of weeks ago I felt like I could code everything, and now I barely have the motivation to finish my Quod Libet plugins. I’ve also been thinking of what type of programming interests me the most. I’m not really sure, I guess web programming […]

  • Daddy Yankee In Japan!?

    Daddy Yankee // Barrio Fino I just heard “Gasolina” on a Japanese radio station. And it was number two… I’m shocked. It’s not that Reggeton is bad, I listened to it a lot when it was brand new and I liked it. However, It got old really quick, after the first 2 CDs I bought […]

  • Progress

    So I’ve been accepted into Konan Daigaku’s Year in Japan program, and I’m super happy. It’s been 5 years since I started learning Japanese (99% of what I’ve learned has been in the last two years.) Now I have a million papers to fill out and mail ASAP, the work never ends. In my Ritsumeikan […]

  • Dreams

    Lately all of my dreams have been in Japanese. I barely do any talking, and I’m always struggleing to understand everyone around me. Lately I’ve been watching Japanese doramas and trying to see how much I can understand. I can follow the story pretty well dispite the fact that I’m starting the series in the […]

  • So much work

    Currently my Todo list is: – Finish Ritsumeikan Application – Finish CS449 Project 2 – Do Eavesdropping JSL28 – Do R/W #3 – Do R/W #2 – Turn in R/W #1 – Do Logic proofs 110-210 This is huge. Project 2 is due in less than 24 hours. And the Ritsumeikan essay is due Tuesday. […]