Category: Japan

  • English Club Party

    English Club Party I put a couple of pictures of the English Club party. It was really fun. I even won a prize for eating a large ice cream bar the fastest. After the party with food we went to a kareoke bar were I think I impressed the girls with my knowledge of J-pop […]

  • Manga

    A couple of days ago Haruna recommended that I check out “One Piece” a manga about Pirates. She said it had pretty easy Japanese. I was unable to read the first page without a dictionary though… Manga is REALLY cheap in Japan! Like $3.50 each, compared to $10 or $15 in the U.S.

  • Seiza

    Today I went to a tea ceremony performed by a club at Konan University. I sat in Seiza the entire time because I didn’t wan’t to give up before the Computer Engineer. An hour of that isn’t healthy. I was unable to move my entire leg after it was time to go. It was pretty […]

  • iBook G4

    My Sharp MM20’s HD died again. So I went to the electronics store in Sannomea and bought the cheapest non-sharp laptop I could find. An iBook G4. The thought of how much time and money I’ve poured into that MM20 makes me sad. It’s so damn cool too 🙁

  • Final Fantasy

    I played Final Fantasy I on a DoCo Mo cell phone today. It was awesome.

  • Counting money

    Japanese cashiers count bills in a really cool way that I can’t figure out how to do yet. I can’t even explain it properly… I’ll have to record someone doing it. Someone else who has noticed.

  • Flash cards

    I’m pretty sure this is the first time I’ve ever made flash cards. Hopefully they’ll work out for me.

  • New Pictures

    I uploaded the pictures that were on my Treo to the gallery. They are all small and pretty funny but it’s better than nothing. I’ve wanted to take so many pictures especially of funny engrish things but I feel bad. I’ll take some time to post the pictures on my cell phone next week. My […]

  • Hair

    I just saw a girl on channel 3 with some really awesome hair. So I took a picture of it.

  • New Phone

    My phone The phones in Japan are seriously awesome. Even the free ones are years ahead of the ones in the USA. Unfortunately AU was out of free phones for guys. (They had plenty of pink phones…) So I had to buy a phone. I can watch TV on it, and the camera is really […]