Andy: Pretty much hates everything about Japan while saying how much he loves it.
Kenan: (Maybe) pissed off at me for some reason.
Haruna: Not interested in me after all?

The Kenan business has me really worried and I’m having trouble concentrating on my homework. What happened is that in the joint seminar he was asking people how the Japanese have relationships when you are expected to be home early, and taking your girl friend or boy friend home is taboo. I kind of assumed that he was talking about sex and said love motels. It didn’t occur to me at the time that he might not have meant sex. I really didn’t see the problem. I’m gussing since he’s a more touchy feely person he wants more privacy than a movie theatre or walking in a park at night. But there has to be something else that is bothering him or else he wouldn’t have just stormed out of the room like that. I want to talk to him tomorrow about the whole thing, and apologize for ruining his conversation.


Today I played against a 2kyu girl with a 4 stone handycap. I was surprized with how well I did even though I lost. The game took 3 hours so I didn’t have enough time to go over the game. It’s to bad I could have learned a lot.


Recently I think I’ve been getting good vibes from Haruna, but I’m really not sure. I wonder if she likes me. I also noticed that I have no pictures of her. I’ll see if I can get some.

I felt really bad about a girl today in the Ajisai room because she had on the funniest shirt I’ve ever seen. I couldn’t stop laughing, I don’t think she liked that. I hope she didn’t think that I was laughing at her or anything. The shirt didn’t say anything wrong. It was genuinely funny. You can find it in my Funny Shirts gallery.

Tomorrow I meet up with the shougi/igo club. I wonder what kind of people are going to be there. I also wonder if they expect me to be any good at igo.

Gallery :: Koyasan

Gallery :: Koyasan

I just got back from Koyasan. The site was founded 1,200 years ago by Kobo daishi, the founder of Isoteric Buddhism in Japan. It’s a pretty cool place. It’s older than all the towering 900 year old trees in it. That’s really impressive. I think the ways Buddhism and Cristrianity are similar are very insteresting. I wonder if there’s a book on the subject.

English Club Party

English Club Party

I put a couple of pictures of the English Club party. It was really fun. I even won a prize for eating a large ice cream bar the fastest. After the party with food we went to a kareoke bar were I think I impressed the girls with my knowledge of J-pop songs… After that we went to this really nice bar next to the JR station. It was a bit on the expensive side but it was very clean. The bathroom was out of this world! There was even an aquarium in it! I’ll put pictures of that when I get some e-mails from the people with the good cameras.

Tomorrow we are spending the night at a collection of temples that reside in Koya-san. I’m looking forward to what I can learn there, but not looking forward to mosquito bites.


A couple of days ago Haruna recommended that I check out “One Piece” a manga about Pirates. She said it had pretty easy Japanese. I was unable to read the first page without a dictionary though…

Manga is REALLY cheap in Japan! Like $3.50 each, compared to $10 or $15 in the U.S.