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  • Multi-input touch screens

    Multi-input touch screen demos (Flash required).  This is probably the coolest thing I’ve ever seen.  The more I watch it the more I want to make it work.  It definitely feels like that’s going to be the next generation in computers. I want one for my Desktop, and more importantly I want to make sure […]

  • SoundConverter

    We’ve all had an MP3 or FLAC that we’ve wanted OGGed and I’m sure we’ve all made bashscripts to do this for us but there’s an easier way! SoundConverter is a GNOME gui application that allows us to transcode our MP3s, OGGs, FLACs, and WAVs into any one of those formats in high or low […]

  • Copyright Infringed

    So the author of Listen has taken code from Quod Libet (including code from my lyrics plugin) and ripped the copyright section (and my name) out and used it in his software. Now the code is GPL so I’m completely fine with him using it, it’s why I write open-source code, but removing my name […]

  • Sharp MM20 Update

    I was asked by someone about the Sharp MM20’s Linux compatibility. I decided to post the info I gave him here to help anyone else thinking about getting one. Unfortunately the Actius MM20 is a huge piece of crap. Despite it’s incredible smallness, sharp screen, long battery life and Linux compatibility (Ubuntu worked out of […]

  • Quod Libet

    Quod Libet is the music player I use and occasionally hack on. In the current revision in SVN my lyrics plugin has been integrated into the main player. I also added a feature to the album list view so that you could access the plugins menu from it. Since I’ve been in Japan for nearly […]

  • WPLUG Planet

    WPLUG Planet Got the WPLUG Planet beta test running. Hopefully it’s configured correctly and I’ll see this up there in three hours.

  • I can’t belive how complicated this is…

    I’m currently trying to get Quod Libet (My new favorite mp3/ogg player) to have multimedia key support (Play, Stop, Prev, Next buttons on some keyboards) I can’t believe how complicated this is. Actually it’s pretty simple to understand what is going on in Muine’s source code for multimedia key support. But the ammount of stuff […]