Wobbly windows in Dapper

There were a lot of upgrades today in Dapper. And it turns out compiz is one of them. So I installed it and xserver-xgl. Here’s how I got it running. First install the xserver-xgl and compiz packages using apt-get or synaptic (Originally taken from the instructions at http://doc.gwos.org/index.php/Installxgl) Then edit /etc/gdm/gdm.conf-custom and make the empty […]


We’ve all had an MP3 or FLAC that we’ve wanted OGGed and I’m sure we’ve all made bashscripts to do this for us but there’s an easier way! SoundConverter is a GNOME gui application that allows us to transcode our MP3s, OGGs, FLACs, and WAVs into any one of those formats in high or low […]

Saturday Night

Last night was looking light it was going to be another boring Saturday night. Extreme boredom calls for extreme measures so I e-mailed the Kobe ESS mailing list asking if anyone was doing something. Turns out my friend Jose from Argentina was going clubbing that night so I was saved. I read the e-mail at […]

Test 2

I botched something up in WordPress by using the Google toolbar’s spelling function. But I think it’s fixed now… Nope

Ubuntu Dapper

The next release of Ubuntu version 06.04 is called Dapper. Because my friend Joe was upgrading Quod Libet to use version 0.10 of the Gstreamer framework and needed help testing it I decided I’d upgrade to Dapper. The upgrade went smoother than any upgrades I’ve done before. Debian’s system really puts OS X and Windows […]