No more user submitted link sites

Hacker News was and still is pretty much a great source of interesting articles on the internet, but I’m starting to see a cycle. I think I’ve learned most of what HN has to offer.

So from this second forward I vow to no longer use HN, Digg, Reddit, nor Slashdot. When I’m bored I will waste my time doing something more useful like write articles in this blog, replying to emails, or programming.

Wish me luck.

Eclipse CTRL-3

I’m using Eclipse a lot in my new job and it took me a month to discover CTRL-3 (Quick Access).  It’s the closest thing it has to Emacs’s M-x.  So I’ve binded Quick Access to Alt-x.  Eclipse is much easier to use now.

Visiting files using SSH in EmacsW32

After much searching I discovered that the way to use ssh-based remote file visiting in emacs with TRAMP is by using the plink: method instead of ssh: while having your putty install directory in your PATH environment variable.

So I’m writing that here in hopes that it might be easier for other people to find it.


I wonder if TV shows/movies influence our daily routines. Could that be the reason we brush our teeth so quickly compared to Asians? Or should I change that “we” into a me…


I thoroughly enjoy watching the Cherry blossoms bloom in the Spring. The first time I saw it in Japan I was awed by how beautiful they are. I thought to myself that I could watch Sakura trees forever and never get tired of watching them. It then dawned on me that since they only show up for a week, it means that a person only gets around 60 chances to see them in full bloom. It saddened me to think that since I’ve lived 20 years before going to Japan, I’d only have about 40 more chances left. I bet many Japanese come to realize just how short life is at a much younger age than 20. It’s a good reminder to make sure that I’m on the right track to were I want to go with my life.

I’m glad there are Cherry Blossom trees in Pittsburgh.

An Idea

Lately I’ve been dreaming up of a window manager that could help me stay focused on a single thing by keeping me from multi-tasking. In the spirit of programs like writeroom and pyroom.

  • It would always display windows in full screen mode.
  • To do any action it would require you to type in a random string of characters.

The reason for having to type in the specified random string of characters is to give some weight to moving to another window. It might remove my desire to “just check if there’s any e-mail”, which usually turn into big distractions wasting time I don’t have. Yet it still makes switching to a Firefox window with some research possible.

Valentine’s Day

I got Valentine’s day Chocolate from my Girlfriend!  I’m so happy. 🙂  It’s a box from Kobe Morozoff.  The company that brought Valentine’s Day to Japan.

I need to work double hard now to work off the calories.  f^_^;


It’s amazing how far a little LaTeX can take you. Even if you’re just writing an MLA style paper.

Here’s some packages to get you started:

After installing those packages you can learn how to make an MLA style paper by reading the readme file at:


If you are making a regular CS paper/report/dissertation then the example LaTeX file is the best example to go on. Try a Google search for “LaTeX Example” for some good ones.

I use Emacs as my editor which is pretty tough for most people but I think that it’s worth it if you learn how to use org-mode. Then you can C-x 3 (Vertical Split Screen) in Emacs and open a file right next to the text. Then you can have an outline right at your finger tips, that you can modify/show/hide in various ways.

I also recommend adding the following line to the top of your .tex file:

% -*- mode:latex; mode: flyspell; mode: auto-fill -*-

It’ll turn on flyspell and auto-fill mode for you.

My LaTeX documents are organized into a directory structure like this

~/<class name>/<essay title>/

I keep a skeleton folder with those three files in it. And to make a new essay I just copy and paste it with a new name.