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  • DL4J post on Qiita

    I recently made a Japanese post on How to use DL4J for Qiita’s Deep Learning Advent Calendar. Next chance I get I’ll post it here in English. TLDR is use my DL4J g8 templates to get started quickly. Also you can deploy your models in a request/response style using Stateless EJBs.

  • Announcing Better Mail

    Better Mail for Android on AppBrain About a year ago I bought the first Android phone available in Japan for the sole reason of making apps. Unfortunately I’ve had very few itches that needed scratching. About a month ago that changed, because the built-in Gmail app has a fatal flaw. The Problem If you […]

  • No more user submitted link sites

    Hacker News was and still is pretty much a great source of interesting articles on the internet, but I’m starting to see a cycle. I think I’ve learned most of what HN has to offer. So from this second forward I vow to no longer use HN, Digg, Reddit, nor Slashdot. When I’m bored I […]