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  • Sukiyaki

    Today I went to the mall for lunch because I can only stand Subway for so long.  The mall in Carolina had a Little Tokyo restaurant in it.  The signs showed a really good looking Chicken Katsu and Sukiyaki combo, but when I went to order all they had was Chicken Teriyaki and other staple […]

  • A Japanese update

    Well, since I’ve finally found some free time I’ve decided to post some results (of one of those personality tests) that I stumbled upon when I was reading Haruna’s blog. You can take it at Love type check! Here are my results: Apollon(アポロン) 英語名:Apollo(アポロ) です。 ■神話 太陽神として知られる、音楽と医療の神。 神話の中では明るく陽気な性格で竪琴を奏でる色男として登場します。 神々の中でも2枚目として通っていた彼ですが、女性には振られまくっています。 美形でも軽い男は女性には好かれないようです。 ■性質 あなたは愛想がよく、女性男性問わずに周りから好かれるタイプ しかも失敗を恐れずにいろいろなことにもチャレンジします。 大きなことにチャレンジして、一発当てることができるのもアポロンの特徴です。 楽天的なところがあるので、あまり沈みこまないところも良いところです。 いつも明るいおかげで、周りも明るくなり、みんな安心してあなたと付き合うことができます。 […]

  • Compliments

    It’s no secret that people compliment your misrable attempts to speak their language all the time. Usually these compliments are straight forward, like “お上手ですね” (“Your Japanese is really good!”), which usually means more like “Hang in there!”. There’s also the surprise comment where you are better at their language than they expected these are usually […]

  • Saturday Night

    Last night was looking light it was going to be another boring Saturday night. Extreme boredom calls for extreme measures so I e-mailed the Kobe ESS mailing list asking if anyone was doing something. Turns out my friend Jose from Argentina was going clubbing that night so I was saved. I read the e-mail at […]

  • Deodorant season

    Just got back from the pharmacy. It seems that the reason I can’t find deodorant is that it’s simply out of season and people don’t use it. Is this a normal thing? I always use deodorant maybe it’s a Puerto Rican thing… (Since it’s always hot.)

  • Hikari

    Hikari My first try at calligraphy didn’t turn out too bad. I just wish I knew the cursive version of a better kanji.

  • People

    Andy: Pretty much hates everything about Japan while saying how much he loves it. Kenan: (Maybe) pissed off at me for some reason. Haruna: Not interested in me after all? The Kenan business has me really worried and I’m having trouble concentrating on my homework. What happened is that in the joint seminar he was […]

  • Igo

    Today I played against a 2kyu girl with a 4 stone handycap. I was surprized with how well I did even though I lost. The game took 3 hours so I didn’t have enough time to go over the game. It’s to bad I could have learned a lot.

  • Girls

    Recently I think I’ve been getting good vibes from Haruna, but I’m really not sure. I wonder if she likes me. I also noticed that I have no pictures of her. I’ll see if I can get some. I felt really bad about a girl today in the Ajisai room because she had on the […]

  • Gallery :: Koyasan

    Gallery :: Koyasan I just got back from Koyasan. The site was founded 1,200 years ago by Kobo daishi, the founder of Isoteric Buddhism in Japan. It’s a pretty cool place. It’s older than all the towering 900 year old trees in it. That’s really impressive. I think the ways Buddhism and Cristrianity are similar […]