Browsing things like mysql.log and access.log is just scary. People try to hack into my blog all the time it seems. I think I’m going to take this time to upgrade WordPress and change my password again. I hope the planet doesn’t get stupid an mark every post I’ve made as new.

Website overhaul

Since my website was attacked I’ve been working on security and making a real site instead of just a wiki. I looked into JSP and mod_python to see what crazyness I could come up with. JSP didn’t work very well since Debian stable only has Java2 1.1. Stable’s mod_python is pretty old so I can’t try PSP but I decided to try making my own simple version of it. Since most of the data will be static anyway, I don’t really need something as complicated as JSP/ASP/PHP/PSP. Although I do think I’ll try PHP eventually. Even though I should be working on my assembly project, I really want to finish getting the static pages part working tonight (and just treating as comments). Hopefully it wont take me more than an hour, that way I can put a good hour or two into the assembly project before I go to sleep. The first page will just contain links to the blog and the planet. I really need to learn CSS and HTML, so my site can look cool.

Back from Doug’s house

I spent the weekend at Doug’s house working on our PalmOS project (A 2-player game that uses IrDA). Although we both got pretty far along, we still don’t have anything that’s playable yet.

Doug started by writing on top of the example serial_chat.c program that the professor gave the class. I really hate writing in-side someone else’s code so I started from scratch. The advantage is that I feel more comfortable coding it since I feel more in control. Doug had lots of problems at first with communication, but he’s pretty much got it working now. I can’t stand coding like that, but Doug is far ahead of me with what he has working.

For the communication I’m using a small event system to reduce the ammount of .h files that have to be included, and so that the communication c file doesn’t have to mess with the GUI at all and likewise the gui c files don’t have to mess with communication at all. Although it’s being a little bit of a headache right now I think it’ll be a nice and simple way of handling communication.

I had a Easter dinner with Doug’s familly too, it was really good. It’s been a long time since I had real food. I even let go of my diet and had cheese cake. So for the next week I should really stick to 1,500 Calories or less. I realized today that I love talking about computers, software and Japanese. The more I learn the more interesting computers get. Maybe I would’ve been better off as a Computer Engineering major.

With the help of Patrick planet WPLUG now has a new look. I hope everyone likes it.


So I’ve been accepted into Konan Daigaku’s Year in Japan program, and I’m super happy. It’s been 5 years since I started learning Japanese (99% of what I’ve learned has been in the last two years.) Now I have a million papers to fill out and mail ASAP, the work never ends.

In my Ritsumeikan application I wrote that the way I understand Spanish and the way I understand Japanese are different. When I listen to someone in Spanish, I understand what they are saying immediately. This wasn’t the case with Japanese. So I started getting non-subtitled episodes of Japanese soap operas and started watching them. It’s been a week now since I started this. This morning as I watched episode 9 of Gokusen I realized that I was getting much better at immediately understanding what people are saying and I was very happy. I hope that my skills don’t decrease when I go to PR for summer vacation. I hope I can get a job where I can use Japanese, but I doubt it.


Lately all of my dreams have been in Japanese. I barely do any talking, and I’m always struggleing to understand everyone around me. Lately I’ve been watching Japanese doramas and trying to see how much I can understand. I can follow the story pretty well dispite the fact that I’m starting the series in the middle. (Luckily google helped me catch up.) I had to watch it like three time to get everything. There are still a bunch of words I don’t know and a bunch of structures that I have to think about for too long before I understand them. I need to start getting really serious about Japanese. If I don’t my year in Japan isn’t going to be too much fun.

New Todo List

My current Todo list is:

– Turn in Eavesdropping JSL28
– Turn in R/W #3
– Turn in R/W #2
– Do CS449 Project 3

I’m sure I’ll be able to catch up with Japanese by the end of spring break. I hope to finish Project 3 tomorrow. for bonus points