English Club Party

English Club Party

I put a couple of pictures of the English Club party. It was really fun. I even won a prize for eating a large ice cream bar the fastest. After the party with food we went to a kareoke bar were I think I impressed the girls with my knowledge of J-pop songs… After that we went to this really nice bar next to the JR station. It was a bit on the expensive side but it was very clean. The bathroom was out of this world! There was even an aquarium in it! I’ll put pictures of that when I get some e-mails from the people with the good cameras.

Tomorrow we are spending the night at a collection of temples that reside in Koya-san. I’m looking forward to what I can learn there, but not looking forward to mosquito bites.


A couple of days ago Haruna recommended that I check out “One Piece” a manga about Pirates. She said it had pretty easy Japanese. I was unable to read the first page without a dictionary though…

Manga is REALLY cheap in Japan! Like $3.50 each, compared to $10 or $15 in the U.S.


Today I went to a tea ceremony performed by a club at Konan University. I sat in Seiza the entire time because I didn’t wan’t to give up before the Computer Engineer. An hour of that isn’t healthy. I was unable to move my entire leg after it was time to go. It was pretty embarrasing, but also really funny.

I have to find a club to attend before it’s too late. I’m not sure what club to join. I’m thinking the Igo Shougi club… but I’d rather be in a DDR club. Or at least a DDR machine somewhere… I haven’t been able to find one yet.

iBook G4

My Sharp MM20’s HD died again. So I went to the electronics store in Sannomea and bought the cheapest non-sharp laptop I could find. An iBook G4.

The thought of how much time and money I’ve poured into that MM20 makes me sad. It’s so damn cool too 😦