Category: Programming

  • Couldn’t have put it better myself

    <piman> joshk: The suck of GTK and Python is combining to form some kind of ultrasuck. <joshk> suckimus prime

  • New Page

    New Page Well it’s now 4am, it took me 4 hours to get it working. No assembly done tonight. I’m so good at procrastination, it hurts.

  • Website overhaul

    Since my website was attacked I’ve been working on security and making a real site instead of just a wiki. I looked into JSP and mod_python to see what crazyness I could come up with. JSP didn’t work very well since Debian stable only has Java2 1.1. Stable’s mod_python is pretty old so I can’t […]

  • Back from Doug’s house

    I spent the weekend at Doug’s house working on our PalmOS project (A 2-player game that uses IrDA). Although we both got pretty far along, we still don’t have anything that’s playable yet. Doug started by writing on top of the example serial_chat.c program that the professor gave the class. I really hate writing in-side […]

  • WPLUG Planet

    WPLUG Planet Got the WPLUG Planet beta test running. Hopefully it’s configured correctly and I’ll see this up there in three hours.

  • I can’t belive how complicated this is…

    I’m currently trying to get Quod Libet (My new favorite mp3/ogg player) to have multimedia key support (Play, Stop, Prev, Next buttons on some keyboards) I can’t believe how complicated this is. Actually it’s pretty simple to understand what is going on in Muine’s source code for multimedia key support. But the ammount of stuff […]