The PSP is like the Ring of Power. At first I bought it saying that I’d sell it after I played a couple of games. Unfortunately every time I try to send the PSP back into the fires of Mt. Doom. We wants it.

That being said. I have found a couple of practical uses for my PSP because it comes with a Mozilla web-browser. Since my house has wireless internet I use it in the morning to check the news and the weather. When I switch my website to TurboGears later this year I’m want to make a nice PSP portal site with a couple of little web-apps (Todo-list, iCal compatible callendar?, weather and news agregator) And I especially want to make a way I can syncronize my computer with the portal. I also wonder if in the future I can make a program for my treo that’ll download the information from the portal and synchronize it with the palm applications.

I probably wont even do half of all that, knowing myself. The to-do list, bookmarks and feed agregrator maybe. Computer/Palm syncronizing probably not.


Lately I’ve felt pretty unmotivated to do any programming. A couple of weeks ago I felt like I could code everything, and now I barely have the motivation to finish my Quod Libet plugins. I’ve also been thinking of what type of programming interests me the most. I’m not really sure, I guess web programming is the most interesting right now.

Since I haven’t really been doing any programming I’ve tried to spend more time studying Kanji and brushing up on my Japanese. I really wish I could find someone to practice with over here in Puerto Rico. I heard long ago that the University of Puerto Rico has a Japanese club/class that meets once a week. I should ask Ms. Quesada where I can find them.

I ordered my new laptop from Sharp yesterday, The Actius MM20. It’s really small (10.4″) and light, and I ordered the 9 hour battery too. It has a Transmeta processor at 1GHz and 512 MB of RAM, 20GB HD, and integrated wireless. A nice step-up from my current laptop (PII 300MHz, 288 MB RAM, 6GB HD.) Online I found that it’ll run just fine with a slightly modified kernel. I hope I can manage without a custom kernel because keeping track of kernel security fixes on one’s own is a pain. I’m still not sure what kind of Internet connection I can expect at my host family’s house. Doug is convinced every person in Japan has direct 1-10mbps connections to the Internet. I hear that in Japan you have to pay per minute no matter what call it is, even local so It’d make sense if everyone in Japan had DSL/Cable. Even if there’s no Internet in my host family’s house, there should be at the school.

I recommend to everyone going to do a home-stay in Japan. Especially part 3 with the journals. I hope I learn enough that I can avoid a couple of mistakes.

Upgraded once more

Now I’m running 1.5.1.

I got Adelphia Cable internet today, I’m not impressed, but it works… kind of. The main problem is how slow it is sometimes. Like if it had some strange QoS rule that makes http slower than anything else. There’s also the terrible ping times, my 56k had better ping times! (this is also sometimes.) In general it’s pretty un-reliable at least today. Big Jesus tells me that Adelphia is experiencing network problems, I hope so because I can’t play bzflag and that doesn’t make me happy. 😦

I’m going to really really try to be productive without using my medication, hopefully my brain will get used to it. Currently my plans are to fix my lyrics plug-in for Quod Libet and work on Background Channels. I love the idea of Background Channels because I’m always looking for good background pictures and just leaving my background on a channel would free me from looking for good ones.

I’m also going to have to find a job soon. My dad wants me to work for him probably pulling cables and stuff. Although it would be a good way to get exercise I really want a job where I can practice my Japanese. That’s nearly impossible here though.

Website overhaul

Since my website was attacked I’ve been working on security and making a real site instead of just a wiki. I looked into JSP and mod_python to see what crazyness I could come up with. JSP didn’t work very well since Debian stable only has Java2 1.1. Stable’s mod_python is pretty old so I can’t try PSP but I decided to try making my own simple version of it. Since most of the data will be static anyway, I don’t really need something as complicated as JSP/ASP/PHP/PSP. Although I do think I’ll try PHP eventually. Even though I should be working on my assembly project, I really want to finish getting the static pages part working tonight (and just treating as comments). Hopefully it wont take me more than an hour, that way I can put a good hour or two into the assembly project before I go to sleep. The first page will just contain links to the blog and the planet. I really need to learn CSS and HTML, so my site can look cool.

Back from Doug’s house

I spent the weekend at Doug’s house working on our PalmOS project (A 2-player game that uses IrDA). Although we both got pretty far along, we still don’t have anything that’s playable yet.

Doug started by writing on top of the example serial_chat.c program that the professor gave the class. I really hate writing in-side someone else’s code so I started from scratch. The advantage is that I feel more comfortable coding it since I feel more in control. Doug had lots of problems at first with communication, but he’s pretty much got it working now. I can’t stand coding like that, but Doug is far ahead of me with what he has working.

For the communication I’m using a small event system to reduce the ammount of .h files that have to be included, and so that the communication c file doesn’t have to mess with the GUI at all and likewise the gui c files don’t have to mess with communication at all. Although it’s being a little bit of a headache right now I think it’ll be a nice and simple way of handling communication.

I had a Easter dinner with Doug’s familly too, it was really good. It’s been a long time since I had real food. I even let go of my diet and had cheese cake. So for the next week I should really stick to 1,500 Calories or less. I realized today that I love talking about computers, software and Japanese. The more I learn the more interesting computers get. Maybe I would’ve been better off as a Computer Engineering major.

With the help of Patrick planet WPLUG now has a new look. I hope everyone likes it.