So much work

Currently my Todo list is: – Finish Ritsumeikan Application – Finish CS449 Project 2 – Do Eavesdropping JSL28 – Do R/W #3 – Do R/W #2 – Turn in R/W #1 – Do Logic proofs 110-210 This is huge. Project 2 is due in less than 24 hours. And the Ritsumeikan essay is due Tuesday. […]

I can’t belive how complicated this is…

I’m currently trying to get Quod Libet (My new favorite mp3/ogg player) to have multimedia key support (Play, Stop, Prev, Next buttons on some keyboards) I can’t believe how complicated this is. Actually it’s pretty simple to understand what is going on in Muine’s source code for multimedia key support. But the ammount of stuff […]

Third Post!

Well, I’ve made little progress in pyfolder this week. But a lot of progress on my non-cs classes. I managed to get a B in my Japanese oral mid-term, I’m really happy about what Takabatake said: “Although Inaccurate, you could communicate very well.” I also got a 3.5 on fluency and a 4 on “culture […]

Yay for PyFolder

I just got back from a 2 and a half hour presentation explaning what PyFolder will be, and how it will be implemented. I had to explain a few things like Linux, Mono/C#, iFolder, Python, User Mode Linux, Firewalls, XML, Wiki, and Blogs. Plus I had to explain the differences between Python and Java, and […]